About Sensor Chemcontrol AS

Contact details

Sensor Chemcontrol AS
Storgata 30
3611 Kongsberg
Account recieveable person: Jens Krotseng
Bank: DNB, Postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo
Account number: 1594 53 65533
IBAN: NO74 1594 53 65533
Swift Code: DNBANOKK

Phone: +47 32 77 06 60    (8:00 - 16:00   +1 UTC)
Mobile: +47 920 89 169    
E-mail: helpdesk@sensor.as
VAT registration number: 968 944 215 MVA

History and business

Sensor Chemcontrol AS was established in 1994. Our business is based on developing software to document safe use of hazardous chemicals and related services. Please contact us if you think we can help you in any way.


Our operations are based on professionalism, experitise, quality and service. We strive to satisfy our customers and gain trust in the market.


We aim to become a leading player in the market within our niche, and to be a valued partner for our customers.


Through planned and conscious focus on quality, technology, expertise and professional marketing, we will achieve our qualitative and quantitative goals.