Sensor-abonnent substance registry

Sensor abonnent is an electronic substance registry containing safety data sheets, hazard labels and other documents for the company's chemicals. The company will be able to access its own chemical directory on the internet containing the chemicals used in the workplace. Sensor-chemcontrol has developed a system for risk analysis in collaboration with chemists, hygiene and medical experts as an integrated part of the substance registry. For general information about substance registries, click here


Sensor abonnent has the following main features:

  • Risk analysis
  • Training
  • Simple, advanced, and remote search
  • Filtering of hazardous substances
  • Import and revision features
  • Activity log with notifications
  • 5-level automatic risk indication
  • Administrator and user register with access control
  • Exposure History
  • Document handling
  • Report Library
  • histo Stock
  • Additional module for hazard classification and safety data sheet preparation

Risk analysis

Mapping of hazards and risks associated with handling chemicals is an important task in a substance registry. In Sensor abonnent risk analysis has a central role and is easily accessible to all employees who handle hazardous chemicals. After an analysis of how the chemical is handled in the workplace, the company can implement measures for the correct handling of the chemical.
Risk analyzes are prepared by users with relevant expertise, they undergo a step-by-step dialogue with the system and choose appropriate answers. The questions are about the specific workplace on exposure, protective equipment, storage conditions, emissions, waste management and notification routines.
Information from the workplace is combined with the inherent hazard of the chemical (risk indication) and the result is displayed in risk matrices for the working environment, external environment and fire & explosion.

The inherent hazard is automatically defined in the system and is based on the chemical's hazard classification. The result of the risk analysis is documented in an analysis report showing the basis for calculating the analysis result (the dialogue with the user and the calculated risk indication). The analysis report shows protective equipment and any measures the chemical supplier recommends for the use and handling of the chemical, and shows whether the chemical is handled as provided by the supplier and whether the correct protective measures have been implemented.

The risk analysis module gives the company a tool that reduces health risks from the use of chemicals, and makes the substance registry becomes more than just an electronic folder.

There are no extra costs when preparing risk analyzes and there are no limitations on the number of risk analyzes that can be carried out.


Training consists primarily of videos that are available under "help" in the system, but if desired, we also hold on-site training in substance registry, chemical regulations and safety data sheets. Press the youtube symbol below to see the video introduction to the system.

Risk indication

For each chemical, risk indication (inherently hazardous properties) is displayed using warning triangles in levels 1-5. risk Indication is generated automatically based on the hazard classification of the chemical and makes it easy to focus on the chemicals create risk for workers, fire and explosion hazard, or the environment.

Search features

The substance registry has simple and advanced search functions for all relevant criteria in the substance registry. With the search function 'extended search' the user can search for chemicals using substances, cas number, synonyms, Applications etc. It is also possible to specify a filter for the chemical hazard type so that the system only shows for example allergenic or carcinogenic chemicals.

Report Library

Sensor abonnent contains a report library with relevant reports. These are, for example, reports showing chemicals with substances on ECHA's priority and prohibition list, risk analyzes carried out, risk indication with type of hazard and degree of danger, safety data sheets sorted by revision date, locations, etc.

Exposure Log

Sensor abonnent contains an exposure log that provides an overview of which chemicals an employee is exposed to in the workplace. The exposure log provides an overview of which protective equipment is used and an indication whether this gives an acceptable level of exposure. It is primarily chemicals that cause, genetic and reproductive harm that are registered, but there are no system restrictions on which chemicals are logged, this is determined by the chemicals that are defined in the various work operations registered in the system.

Back up and history

On request, users of Sensor abonnent can receive a CD as back up. It contains all history of the substance registry (history archive), also safety data sheets on chemicals that have been removed from the user's business