Preferences in the safety data sheet and technical information



Here you will find prices for preparation of safety data sheets and our brochure.


Colors and company profile

If desired, we adapt the colors in the safety data sheets to the company's business profile. This is usually according to the company's website, but the customer may decide the desired colors for the MSDS. See some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


Required information

( 1 ) To prepare a safety data sheet we need to know all hazardious ingredients (according to ECHA) present in the product. The ingredients are identified by a CAS number, EC number or index number. You will find most of the hazardious ingredients in CL inventory which is ECHA's (European Chemical Agency) substance database.
( 2 ) Information on how the product is used and its primary function.
( 3 ) Chemical properties and/or a technical data sheet.


Our tools

For the preparation of MSDS, we use our proprietary system Sensor-chemdoc. The system has been in use by chemical providers since 1994. The system contains chemical classification tools, libraries of phrases, language translation functions, online connection to ECHA database, etc. With these features we work effectively and are competitive in terms of price, quality and delivery.


Distribution of MSDS to the Sensor-portal

The MSDS is automatically deployed to the Sensor-portal when compiled.
To see MSDS in the Sensor-portal click here.


Logo and quality certificate

If desired we will place your company logo, and any corporate quality certificate (eg ISO certification logo) on the SDS, at no additional cost.


Multiple languages

We compile MSDS in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English. Contact us for questions about other languages.


Application and usage

When compiling MSDS, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the product and how it is to be used. A technical data sheet or operating instructions is also helpful.


Link to the ECHA database, and the classification process

In order to determine the proper GHS/CLP classification for the product, it is essential that accurate information about the components is obtained. Our system has online connection to the ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency) database of harmonized chemical substances. This insures that the correct classification is determined.


MSDS layout and legislation

We prepare MSDS in accordance with the European regulations, referred to as CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures) and REACH Annex II. CLP is the European adaptation to the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals) produced by the United Nations. The aim is that the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures shall follow the same rules worldwide.


Compatibility with other chemical systems

REACH Appendix II defines the minimum requirements for the fields to be found on a MSDS, how these should be named and numbered. Layout-wise, our MSDS is compatible with all current updated systems on the market.


Documentation and traceability

When compiling a MSDS it is important to document the information sources that are used because the classification of the MSDS must be verifiable. Propiortary documents used to compile the MSDS are stored in our system and can be retrieved at any time for verification.