Sensor scenery

Sensor-chemdoc, your MSDS software tool

A professional Windows-based tool for compiling safety data sheets, classification, labelling, translation and distribution of MSDS's

The system consists of a number of modules that are activated as required by the user. A subscription and maintenance agreement (SVO agreement) is highly recommended as this ensure that the system is regularly updated according to changing laws and regulations.

1 Main module

8 Customer information module

15 Multi language modul

2 KBU module - Criteria Based Compilation

9 Password module

16 Logo and profile module

3 Substance library

10 Product declaration

17 OLF module (order - stock - billing)

4 Threshold limit values

11 Report library

18 Word printouts module

5 Labelling module

12 Raw material module

19 PDF printouts module

6 Information sheets module

13 ADR transportation sheets

20 Import-export module

7 CLP classification module

14 Transport Cards, Other languages

21 Support and subscription agreement

1 Main module

Contains functions for compiling of MSDS, 3000+ phrase library including hazard and safety phrases, address book, scheduler for mass printing, functions for import and export of MSDS's in the propitary Sensor-format, Adobe PDF format, and more.

2 KBU module - Criteria Based Compilation

This module will automatically load texts into most of the fields in the MSDS, and save the user bt a lot of tedious work. The input for the module is based on ingredients, physical and chemical properties, product classification and user dialog. The module works seamlessly with the classification module, which results in high quality MSDS's compiled in short amount of time. By utilizing a special function for revision, the datasheets are keept up to date with very little effort.

3 Substance libraries are available for most of the EU countries.

The system may be installed with language specific substance libraries, consisting of several thousand entities.

4 Standarized threshold limit values

With this module, list of substances is expanded with threshold limit values for pollution in the working atmosphere.

5 Labelling module

Contains function for preparation and printing of standarized hazard labels for packaging.

6 Information sheets module

An information sheet is a minimized printout of the SDS containing only the most important information. The information sheet is in accordance with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's booklet "Guidelines for the Working Environment Act, toxic and other hazardous substances".

7 Classification module

Based on the ingredients of the chemical, calculates the CLP classificaton, hazard and safety phrases, and EUH supplementary risk phrases. The module takes into account substances classified according to specific classification limits.

8 Customer information module

Provides an overview of which customers have received a given safety data sheet and the date it was sent.

9 Password module

Configured to either give users without a password read-only access, or no access.

10 Product declaration

The module prints the product declaration form to the product registry.

11 Report Library

The module contains a selection of ready-made reports that are used to extract information from the system.

12 Raw material module

System for raw material calculations. You define raw materials consisting of pure substances or other raw materials. The module splits and summarizes the pure substances in raw materials and eliminates the time-consuming calculationa when classifying a product as the content of raw materiala changes.

13 ADR transport card

Module for printing a transport cards according to the requirements laid down in "ADR road transport of dangerous goods".

14 Transport cards, other Languages

Module for printing transport accident cards in other languages.

15 Language module

Module for translating the safety data sheet into other languages.

16 Logo and profile module

Displays the user's logo on printouts, and make it possible to customize colors and layout according to your company profile.

17 OLF (order - stock - billing)

The module connects Sensor-chemdoc to other computer systems. Sensor-chemdoc automatically prints or e-mail safety data sheets and related documents.

18 Word printout module

When the user needs to make safety data sheets, transport cards, reports, etc in Microsoft Word format.

19 PDF printout module

When the user needs to make safety data sheets, transport cards, reports, etc in PDF format. (Included in the main module)

20 Import-export module

The module for communication with other chemical systems.

21 SVO-agreement

Annual support, maintenance and update agreement. Free phone support and new versions at least once a year or by changing regulations requirements. Contact us for more information about the SVO support agreement.