Products and services


Complilation of MSDS (material safety datasheets)

We compile MSDS in accordance with the European CLP regulations and REACH Annex II. By utilizing our proprietary system Sensor-chemdoc we deliver high quality MSDS at reasonable prices.
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Sensor-abonnent - electronic substance registry

Sensor-abonnent - administrative service for end users of chemicals, where the customer create and update the web-based substance registry. The system have integrated capabilities for risk analysis of chemicals in respect to health, environment and physical safety. Please contact one of our customer consultants for more information or a demonstration.
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Sensor-chemdoc - MSDS software tool

Sensor-chemdoc is a professional tool for preparation of safety data sheets, classification and labeling of chemicals, as well as translation and distribution of chemical-related documents. An annual maintenance agreement (SVO agreement) is mandatory when purchasing the system and ensures that our customers always have an updated system in accordance with the latest applicable regulations.
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Chemical related services

Sensor Chemcontrol offer a wide range of chemical related services:

  • Courses and education in the use of our systems with respect to current EU regulations
  • Compilation and distribution of safety data sheets
  • Translation and quality control of safety data sheets
  • Chemical consulting och substitution av kemikalier
  • Surveying and registration of chemicals